dbrCommercial specializes in creating stability and finding solutions for our clients and their businesses in an ever-changing market. We have the skills, experience, and resources that can help any business owner make the right decision.

As a results-driven organization, we remain focused on the key elements important to ensuring success:


Our dedicated research team at dbrCommercial constantly analyzes market data to find gaps in the marketplace and ensure our clients are looking at the right properties. Our research will not only save you valuable time, but will also maximize your investment by focusing on the right products in the right areas. Our goal is to streamline the decision-making process and provide you the confidence you need to make sound investments.

Selling real estate isn’t for the faint of heart and takes a high degree of experience, expertise, and market knowledge. Our research drives our recommendations and marketing strategies to ensure our clients receive the highest and best value on their real estate holdings


dbrCommercial was built on the foundation of providing a level of service that exceeds expectations and delivers trusted results. Our comprehensive-yet-personalized approach to analyzing, marketing, and negotiating real estate transactions sets us apart.

Our commitment is to always remain available to our client needs, attuned to their goals, aware of market dynamics, and focused on delivering results.


dbrCommercial is utilizing a comprehensive approach to marketing real estate throughout Central Florida. Our dedicated marketing team works with our research and sales associates to provide high-quality marketing programs and collateral with an international reach. By leveraging our local connections, strategic networking, and global outreach, we ensure our clients receive the exposure they need to generate the greatest results.

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dbrCommercial knows and understands that communication is a vital link to the success of any relationship–including business relationships. Recognizing that each client and every transaction is different keeps us focused on always being responsive and engaged with our clients. As an international and tech-savvy real estate firm, we provide access to our associates using the latest technology, but always remembering the value of a face-to-face meeting and personal phone call.


dbrCommercial understands our clients’ success is built upon our success. Our associates remain connected to all aspects of real estate, business, and government in Central Florida, and are constantly building relationships that will help our clients. With two decades of local experience, our associates are often sought after for insight from real estate organizations, chambers of commerce, economic developments agencies, and local government.


dbrCommercial knows a successful real estate transaction doesn’t just happen and requires specific skills and expertise, including a proven track record in negotiating. Effective negotiating requires a keen understanding of the market, confidence in your ability to overcome challenges, the critical and strategic thinking skills to identify solutions, and a calm and rational demeanor to navigate it all with a laser-focus on results. As experts in the art of negotiating, we work to ensure our clients are confident in their choices and satisfied with our results.


dbrCommercial sets out to increase profitability for all of our clients. Whether it is identifying the highest and best use of a building or raw land, negotiating the lowest possible rent or purchase price, or reducing expenses and vacancies on an income producing property, we know it all comes down to the bottom-line. Our goal is to utilize our experience and skills to maximize profitability for our clients in every transaction we are a part of.

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